Purpose and policy of training

Chailease International is committed to becoming an "outstanding financial company in the Asia-Pacific Region". Based on this high vision, we continue to optimize the staff training structure and provide training topics and contents in line with talent development and business expansion. The senior management of the company has spared no effort to invest in talents, and constantly provide the most perfect talent training environment and learning resources for colleagues. At the same time, we also have excellent internal training lecturers and professional counselors, as well as a training classroom with 1,300 square meters where is equipped with professional and first-class training equipment.

We firmly believe that every employee entering Chailease International is the hope for the future development of the company, which promises and implements the concept that "talents are the most precious resources of the enterprise" to realize the vision and responsibility of sustainable operation of the enterprise.

Training development and structure

The training and development structure of Chailease International includes five modules: new recruit training, professional and core function training, management function training, talent development plan and senior executive training. At the meantime, it carries out systematic, structured and refined planning based on the annual continuous research and analysis of its functions, so that every colleague can receive corresponding training at different stages, and make him an outstanding financial talent.

Training characteristics

Chailease International has an independent training center, which focuses on planning and implementing the cultivation and development plan of all colleagues. It designs different ability development paths according to different functions and positions of employees. Meanwhile, it constantly introduces the most advanced external talent training tools and courses, and provides effective learning resources. The training center is committed to providing the most powerful support for the development of employees.

Seed cultivation program

Chailease International attaches great importance to the investment in talent training. We have always attached great importance to establishing friendly and win-win cooperation with well-known universities in China with mutual trust. Every year, we invite outstanding students to join Chailease's "young financiers internship camp". We provide interns with the most comprehensive enterprise financial knowledge and work skills training, so that they can quickly understand the development status of small and medium-sized enterprises and develop the most professional work quality in financial industry.

We hope that every intern can develop an honest, positive and responsible attitude through the summer internship of "young financiers internship camp", acquire basic professional financial knowledge, and enjoy the opportunity to become an excellent financial practitioner in the future. At the same time, the branches of Chailease International distributing nationwide are willing to provide suitable positions for each intern. We sincerely welcome interns to join the big family of Chailease International after graduation.

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