Engineering construction

Chailease International now has 33 marketing networks and 5 professional financial services business departments, among which the construction and transportation financial service office is mainly responsible for engineering construction business. It mainly develops construction machinery industry’s equipment financial leasing business.


Engineering Industry:State-run and civilian-run engineering including roads, bridges, water conservancy, railway and foundation engineering.

Machinery equipment manufacturing industry:Mine exploitation industry, soil stone exploitation industry, and engineering machinery equipment manufacturing industries

Construction industry:Concrete manufacturing industry, asphalt manufacturing industry, cement manufacturing industry and private construction engineering industry

Real estate industry:Real estate development industry

Business patterns

New equipment direct financing

When construction engineering industry dealer plans to purchase construction equipment, Chailease International would purchase machinery equipment and pay the equipment in advance and then rent to engineering industry dealer, which means the latter could obtain the right to use the equipment with no need to payment in full. Replace financing with leasing-assets as renting is more cost-effective than purchasing.

Leaseback of existing equipment

Through vitalizing the existing equipment assets, the engineering industry dealer could turn them into circulating fund; through selling the self-owned engineering equipment to Chailease International as well as signing leasing contract for leaseback the right to use the equipment with operating lease or financing lease method, it realizes the transfer of fixed assets into monetary capital and thus meet the financing needs.


When purchasing of raw material, spare parts and mechanical equipment required by production, the engineering industry dealer could trade products with Chailease International to store the raw material and spare parts in advance and thus master the supply of raw materials and guard against price fluctuations.

Case show


A construction material company in Suzhou started from cement trade and then carries out the foundation engineering construction. In recent years, due to the ever-increasing work amount and continuously extending scale, construction contract signed in hand could up to over one hundred million at most. Since all the starting time for the contract are centered on same year, the company needs to hoard a large amount of engineering materials which including cement, concrete material and steel products etc. as well as equip with circulating fund of one month, which would generate fund demand.


Whereas the bank line of credit could be obtained through a long time and there exists engineering construction equipment close to 10 million which including many sets of full hydraulic pile driving frame and multi-spindle borer, he could realize leaseback with old product with Chailease International and thus activate fixed assets and obtain the circulating fund.

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