Perfect salary structure

Monthly salary system


Performance bonus


Sound salary adjustment system

Salary adjustment after probation

Annual salary adjustment

Salary adjustment after promotion

Special incentive mechanism

Star of productivity

Model employee

Incentive for service years

Employee guarantee

Social insurance (five insurances)

Housing provident fund (one fund)

Supplementary medical insurance (outpatient and emergency/hospitalization, disability, accident, etc.)

Annual physical examination

Nursing room for female staff


Paid leave (annual leave, maternity leave, pregnancy care leave, etc.)

Festival/birthday gift

Wedding/childbirth/funeral fund

Annual tour

Movie watching

Club activity (basketball club, badminton club, yoga club, etc.)

Further study

Travel to Taiwan

Selection of excellent lecturer, education director and counselor

On-the-job training subsidy

Professional license reward

Annual event

Chailease Talent Show

New year’s party

Product application


Product application

Product application

Focus on serving SMEs


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